A Difference in my Thank You!

thank you heart text
Photo by Řaj Vaishnaw on Pexels.com

Another ylc 2018 testimony! I’m going to get right into it. My thank-you is so different…is so different. When you go through for so long and so many different times about various things, you tend to just thank God that you here. It’s never thanking Him for who He is or what He is able to do. Truth be told when you go through time, after time, after time without breathing, it’s difficult not to waiver about He is able to do in your life. That’s where I was; just thanking Him for being here because maybe if thinking I’m here, it’ll help me to hold on another day. It’s all I had and it’s all I had to give. I was just trying to live and find some type of joy. So my thank you and my praise and worship, it was there but it really wasn’t at the same time.

Nevertheless, after my #ylc2018 experience things changed! My praise, my thank you to the Lord was no longer about just making it through but now I can praise Him because I made it through. So, this will be a short blog. I just had to share how I feel. Maybe, just maybe, how I feel and knowing what the Father has done for me may let somebody else know that it can be done for them. My praise is different! My Hallelujah is different! My THANK YOU Lord is different! Different! It’s not the same and I’m so grateful for that. That’s all I wanted to tell you; my THANK YOU LORD is different now let it be different in your life.


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