Alabaster Box Release

Over the weekend, I attended the Young Leaders Conference and it was phenomenal! Words really can’t express everything I felt, was delivered from, and experienced. I know not many won’t understand but more than most will.

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While I was there a few things happened. On Friday morning I attended the Morning Glory prayer time. Throughout prayer I had a vision. The vision derived from the young man asking us to pray about confinement and being released from it. As I prayed, the Lord told me to stop and He said, “Before you can pray about being released from confinement, you have to understand what confinement is and what it does.” Then He asked me what confinement was, and all I could think about were a few words that are prevalent to confinement on a synonym level.

Confinement synonyms are bondage, chains, shackles, boxed in, closed in area.

Once the Lord showed me the synonyms for confinement, He then pressed upon my heart the alabaster box. When we learn about the alabaster box, it came from the woman who broke open the alabaster box and all the perfume fell up on Jesus’ feet.

There’s an important lesson in the alabaster box story. The revelation I received on this day was about release. See, that perfume was confined to a box and couldn’t go anywhere and couldn’t do anything until somebody either opened the lid or broke open the box. When we are confined to an area we can only do as much as somebody will allow. Nevertheless, when we decide we no longer want to be confined and want to be released, the alabaster box breaks open. I don’t know how we as a people function under the guise of the instructions of what someone tells us what we can and can’t do; not when Jesus has released us to do what He has given us to do. No man or woman has the power to keep us confined to a box, to keep us in chains, keep us in a closed-in area, or to keep us shackled. If we are in that box, if we are confined, that is because we have allowed someone or a circumstance to keep us in an area that we need to be released from.

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When the Lord began to give me this revelation, He showed me, we need to become claustrophobic in the spirit. We don’t need to become claustrophobic in the natural because that’s not what He means, He’s talking about in the Spirit. We know people who are claustrophobic; they can’t stand to be in a closed area. They have to get out! Even being on the elevator bothers them and they can’t stay on an elevator for too long. They have to get out and be released from the closed-in space.  That is what we’ve been called to do is to release. Right now we have a lot of people preaching and teaching, whether in the church or not in the church. There’s a lot of motivational and inspirational teachings and preachings about release and yet, haven’t even been released themselves. We can not release someone else when we’re still in bondage. The only thing we can do for anybody is to do as much as they will allow for us to do.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to continue to live and function based on what circumstances or someone else tells me what I can and can’t do. They or circumstances only opens the lid long enough for me to do something for them and not for ourselves but for them. Do you see what I’m saying?

When we are in a box, we are confined. We are the perfume, but circumstances and the enemy and or some people only want to open the lid long enough so we can make them smell good. It’s never about anybody else; it’s only to make them smell good. They open up the lid and they spray us on themselves…just on them. Then when they go out into public, everybody comments about how good they smell and asks what are they wearing? They’ll say, “Oh, I’m wearing such and such. However, the perfume isn’t just designed for only them. It wears off and the next day they spray us on them again, day after day. They use us up and in turn we can’t be released to bless other people. They want to use up all the fragrance (us) and then they’re going to buy another “bottle” once we run out and are empty. Then we have nothing left to fragrant the ones we’re actually assigned to. This is no way to live! We are to live and to thrive on what God has given us to do. When the Father says we have to become claustrophobic in the Spirit, it means we can’t be confined. We can’t be comfortable in confined spaces. That is not what we are called to. We have to become uncomfortable about where we are and have to become more uncomfortable than the situation or the circumstances that deems otherwise.

Let me share something with you. There’s certain things that are going on in my life that has been going on for a long time. I became used to going through, because any time something good happened it seem like something bad snatched up the good time. It even happened like that with my first book. I’m not going to go into that long drawn out story but when there was supposed to be joy, it was nothing but pain and hurt that followed up behind it. After this continued to happen time after time, I became comfortable with going through because how I feel, honestly, it was my life. All I knew was to go through and I’ve allowed all these different circumstances and people to change my perception about life.

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Well, when I was in that prayer room that day I was released from confinement! I was released from bondage and from that jail cell. I understood what confinement meant and because I understood, it was clear where the Father wants me to go. I knew I could no longer be a box. I am, we are, that fragrance and perfume that is to be spread abroad. We are to be released from the box, no longer just for that one person, but for all who we are called to and are assigned. I have so many more testimonies, spiritually, about what happened at #ylc2018 and they will follow up behind this one. I hope this blessed you as it did me. Be released in Jesus name!


2 thoughts on “Alabaster Box Release

  1. That is a powerful revelation! I totaly agree! I was feeling down about my book, it seemed as if problems keep arising keeping it from releasing but in all truthfulness, I am not yet fully released from my hurt so how can I fully help other in their hurt. I am almost there and I know my book will then be released. Thanks for confirmation!!!


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