Karma Knows Your Name

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All of us at one point in time in our lives have used the word karma, and has exercised the practice when it comes to responding to what someone has done to us. Meanwhile, we tend to forget we have caused harm to someone else too. So does that mean Karma knows our name as well?

I stopped using the word Karma a few years. Reason being is because of what the Lord showed me. He showed me Grace. I don’t think anything else needs to be said behind that if you understand the grace of God. His grace far exceeds, knowing my name. His grace and his Mercy far exceeds, knowing your name.

I’m amazed at how selfish we are as a people and yet think we are the most giving and the most humble. In actuality, we are all judgmental, and not just Christians. Everybody has judged somebody whether they are in the church or not. You judge how somebody treat you. You judge what somebody else does to one of your family members. You judge how somebody does something or even have somebody lives. Everybody in this world has judge somebody at one point in time or another and you are a liar if you say you haven’t.

Also I am in awe in how we want grace, mercy and goodness extended to us but nothing but karma for the next person. How is that? How sway?

This blog, this post is going to make you think. It’s not about anything else. Before you extend Karma to the next person, I want you to sit and think about the grace and mercy Yahweh has extended to you. Trust me I know everybody in this world isn’t a butterfly, meaning, nobody had to go through a cocoon season. Everybody just came out flying being a beautiful butterfly. That’s just not how the Lord or his nature works. Everyone goes through a season and in that season everybody hurts somebody. Everybody causes somebody some kind of pain. No one is exempt! And again, I call you a liar if you say you just came out as a butterfly and you’ve never heard anybody. That is not to say you’ve done it intentionally because most of the time we do not intentionally mean to hurt anyone but in the breakdown of communication it happens. However, there are times we do hurt people intentionally because we live in this flesh and I think it would do everybody a service if we all take responsibility of our actions and admit that yes, we have intentionally and unintentionally caused someone else pain. Therefore, should karma know your name or should Grace?

The thing I love about Grace is it gives you the opportunity to correct your wrong. Sometimes Yahweh makes you pay for it and sometimes he doesn’t; that is the epitome of love and who he is and the grace that he bestows. The Bible says the Father’s mercies are new every morning…every morning. Grace gives us opportunities. Grace gives us a chance. Grace gives us the opportunity to redefine ourselves. All karma does is boomerang and cause destruction and pain and continues until it is finished. No one will be able to stand! No one will have a victory! No one would have a testimony!

Man, if Yahweh allowed Karma verses his grace to know our name, none of us would be standing here today. I’m going to also interject the Christian saying from the Bible that we always use you reap what you sow. Yes, that is a Bible principle but Grace is his principal too. Therefore, before we call down doom and gloom of destruction on the next person make sure you do what you supposed to do so the other person behind you ain’t doing the same thing to you. I know we all hurt and I know we all experience some type of pain due to people being inconsiderate, selfish, arrogant, Etc. but the Bible also says rejoice not when your enemy falls less the Lord remove his hand. Don’t rejoice or wish bad on somebody else. Death and life are in the power of the tongue and when you wish destruction and karma and hurt on somebody else, destroying their lives, be careful because the words you put on somebody else there’s somebody else putting words on you. Meanwhile, you’re wondering why you can’t go forth, why you can’t move, why you are stuck in a place; it’s because you’re trapped in the pit of your own words that you spoke on the next man or the next woman. All I’m saying is, don’t let karma know your name and don’t you call it out to somebody else’s name. Pray for them. Ask for Grace, and that same Grace will be bestowed upon you.

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What I want Elohim to remember about me is that I prayed for instead of praying against and not extending the grace that He bestowed upon me to the next man or woman who hurt me. Now, it doesn’t mean I have to go and be in your presence, but it does mean I can separate myself allow, myself to heal, and forgive and pray for them, and move on.

Who do you want to call your name? Who do you want to remember your name? Is it Karma? Or Yahweh?


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