God Knows My Heart

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We have all heard countless times, even using the cliché ourselves, “God knows my heart.” Yes, he knows our heart, but do we know His?

When I hear this cliché now, though I have been guilty of using it myself, it makes me cringe. Let me tell you why. It makes me cringe because it is a question that the Father asked me as I was thinking about some things one day. When He said, but do you know my heart? I was immediately convicted.

It saddens my heart to think I could continue on doing what I was doing and living in sin and excusing my imperfections with the cliché, He knows my heart without giving any thought to if I really knew his .

After Abba ask me that question, I begin to think about what is his heart. If we don’t know anything else about the heart of the Lord, we should know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He loves us unconditionally. He showed that when he took his very word, wrapped it in flesh, sent it down from heaven, and caused him to be birthed, walk on the earth, and to be slain, slaughtered, flogged, ridiculed, made fun of, and to give the very life of his own son. That IS His heart and because that is his heart, just that very fact, should make us consider his heart before we say God knows my heart.

Following this up, let’s take it from a parent to child parallel. You have set the rules of your home. You have raised your child up in the very nature, and atmosphere of the kind of home you want. You sacrifice yourself, things you need, things you want, just  for your child or children can have what they need and even what they want. This child, that knows the heart, the atmosphere, and the culture of the home goes out in the public and does things contrary to the heart, culture, and the atmosphere of the home. Then, when you have to pick this child up from jail, or the principal’s office, from the hospital due to their own actions, you love that child but you’re upset. You’re angry, but the love for your child is greater than the anger you feel. So you do what you have to do to get a hold of your child to bring them back home. Then you talk to your child and tell him/her what they did was wrong and you punish them only for them to turn around and tell you ugh Mom, oh Dad it was just a mistake you know I’m not really like that; you know my heart. How would you feel, what would you do with that moment. I don’t know what I’d do if my child turned around and told me but mama you know my heart. Yeah I know your heart but if you really knew mind you wouldn’t have went out there and did the things that you did to bring harm upon my heart and to bring harm upon this home and the culture of this home.

Let’s take it a step further and put it in the context of a husband and wife, boyfriend girlfriend, Besties, or business partner relationships. You all have set the tone, culture, heart, and the atmosphere of that relationship. It is a covenant you came into whether it was at the altar, if it was verbal or said hey you my best friend you, my best friend. Both of you are aware of your culture, the heart of your relationship. Both of you are aware of the tone of your relationship. Now, when one of those partners venture out and does something against the culture, the heart, and the tone of that relationship we call it disrespect. We call it dishonor. We call it pain. We call it brokenness. We call it betrayal. How is it we can feel that way and we have a right to feel that way but God has to hear us say, “He knows my heart,” when we break or do something against the culture, the tone, and the heart of the covenant we made with Him?

When will we mature as an individual, a community, and even a nation? Maturity has to take place. We have to accept the responsibilities of the actions we take. My heart is troubled not just for you but for me as well. How dare I, and we, continue to live an immature life when He has done things to make sure we can have a perfected and mature life? An immature answer, for those who think they’re mature, are those who give the response, God knows my heart. Have you noticed the only time it said is when we have fallen short. That cliché is said at the time when we willfully sin. It is never said, not even once when we are doing what we are supposed to do. Do you want to know why, it’s never said because it doesn’t have to be said at that point because we’re measuring up, living up to the standard of what He said.

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If we truly want to know the Lord’s heart, then we need to pick up his word and read about who He is and it can be found. All we have to do is look at the beginning. Read Genesis chapters 1 & 2, which will give you a great beginning of who He is. Then read the gospels in the New Testament Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and all those four accounts will prove His heart. It will show you the tone, the culture, the atmosphere of His heart. Let us stop saying He knows our heart because yes He does but it only proves we don’t know His.


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