Sink or Swim

I was going through my memories for the day on Facebook and came across a video that was shared with me through a friend. When I saw the title, I had to re-listen because I didn’t remember what it was about, but the title grabbed my attention. Normally, I do not go back to listen to videos in my memories on Facebook, but when Yahweh wants you to hear something, He will give you an urge to listen.

The title was called, “Stop Apologizing for Your Standards”; with the place I’m in right now, the title alone was life. As I listened to the video, Yahweh began to share some things with me. I tossed the video to the side and began to listen to what Abba had to say. I wanted to share it with you because if it encouraged me, I know it will do the same for you. He said, “You’re stuck in a sink or swim situation. You’re scared to swim because of what greatness will cost you and you’re scared to sink because of what it has already cost you. Now you’re stuck in the middle and moving nowhere. You can’t doggy-paddle in place for long. You will either sink because your legs and arms will grow tired and your breathing will become labored or it will force you to swim to get to the other side where there’s land. Don’t let weariness decide for you; make the decision yourself.”

Scared to Sink

I was floored at this analogy! I can envision exactly what Abba is talking about in this correlation. Sinking is significant to death. Many times I hear people say, “I have to get back to me.” I’ve said it a thousand times myself…until Abba taught me the dangers of repeating those words. There are two pitfalls to that saying. One, the last word, me…is a HUGE problem. It’s never about us, the “me” factor. When we make “me” the focus, we make His Spirit a nonfactor. Two, the words, get back…is another BIG problem. Imagine if Abraham went back to Abram, or if Israel went back to Jacob. If they or we, were supposed to stay the same, there’d be no need for deliverance, right? The Bible doesn’t state what Lot’s prayer was, but we can gather what he prayed about based upon the Lord’s actions. Let us dissect the prayer and situation. He asks the Lord to deliver him and his family from the place they were in because it was becoming too hard to live amongst the people and not become like them. He cries out for a specific amount of time. The Lord hears him then addresses Abraham. After talking to Abraham, He dispatches His angels to deliver Lot and his family. They get delivered, but the bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh became stuck (doggy-paddling in place) and looked back. She is now a pillar of salt. She died where she stood all because she couldn’t let go of “her”, the “me” factor, and what the Lord delivered them from to move on to something greater. Abba began to teach me more of why, myself, and others like me, continue to speak that saying. We focus so much on “getting back to us”, we can’t even see moving past us (“me”) to get to Him. We are familiar with who we were, how we handled things (our way), and could control things (so we thought). If we could control it like we thought we could, there would be no need for deliverance. Peter was focused at one point but he lost it and began to sink until Jesus delivered him. Stop focusing on what was and focus on what is to come.

Scared to Swim
Sinking and swimming has all to do with us either, bettering ourselves, accepting the fact we can’t be satisfied with who we used to be or being comfortable and content with who we are and not reaching to who the Father wants us to be in Him.
Swimming will cause us to realize, who we were, was mere stepping stones to who our Father wants us to become. We were never meant to stay there! The journey can be scary because we feel like we’ve already lost so much in the process. I mean, like, “What more could we lose?” Many of us ask that question, but I don’t because Lord knows, I don’t want Him to answer that question for us. Swimming keeps us focused on where we’re going verses where we’ve been. We have to swim like our life is dependent on it…because it is! The further we swim towards our greatness in Him, the further we move away from what we weren’t in Him.

Envision this: You’re in the middle of a huge and wide ocean. You’re too far away to turn around but your too far away from where you’re going. You can see a little bit of land where you came from and you see nothing in sight of where you are going. (Side note: If you can still see where you came from, you haven’t swam deep enough or far enough to Him.) You continue to look both ways weighing your options, the pros and cons. One is familiar to you but you know you would be settling while the other way doesn’t have anything in sight but hope and faith. The waves are hitting you and becoming bigger and doggy-paddling isn’t enough anymore. You have to do something. Will you sink or swim?

aerial view of t shaped island
Photo by Odi Pramadika on

Lastly, The Lord has given us three choices; we can either, 1) sink and die or 2) stay stuck and die or 3) swim and live. We have the POWER to choose. Either way we go, we are choosing to live or to die. In that vision I wrote in the above paragraph, there was something else I wanted to show you, but I wanted you to make a decision, indefinite, before I showed you the next thing. Envision this: 1) You chose to go back. You sink and die while on your way because you no longer have the grace from Yahweh for where you’ve been. Therefore, you never made it to either destination. This is why it is crucial to stay delivered once He’s delivered you. Your grace isn’t the same. The mercy isn’t there because that season was up once you received deliverance. 2) You chose to swim. You took the leap of faith and the Lord sees it and opens up the heavens. He sends a boat to you with people on it to help you get to your destination so you don’t have to do it alone. You all endure the storms on the water but you make it regardless because you’ve been graced to move forward. He just needed to know if you were going to choose Him. When you choose to swim, you choose Him and when you choose to sink, you chose yourself.

aerial photo of white boat
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I pray you received something from this; I know I did. I’m grateful to the Father for His love and what He shares so we may succeed. When Abba reveals His teachings, it’s up to us to marinate on it and put it into practice. I’m ready. Are you?

Prayer: Father, I need your help. I want to choose you but life is hard right now. I see land but I want to see my future more. I’ve decided to choose you in spite of what I’m going through. I want more of You. I need more of You. I choose to swim; I just need help with it. I’m depending on You Father to help me. I know I can do this! I’m Your child so I can do anything! In Yeshua’s name I pray. Amen!


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