To: Their Killers

Why Celebrate Mother’s Day?

I never thought I’d be in this place

With hurtful tears flowing down my face

Nothing in me chooses to celebrate

Due to the senseless violence and hate

Why celebrate the women who gives life?

When others take the lives of the life that was given

You want to celebrate your mother

But you took that same celebration right from someone else’s mother

What and who gave you the right?

To stand there and take someone’s child’s life?

Your mother still gets to see you

Whether or not she knows just what you do

You still get the joy of a hug, her arms of love wrapped around you

Getting to hear her call your name when she needs you

You get the chance to love on her

Just like she loved you from birth

Mother’s Day shouldn’t be about one day of honor out of the year

It’s her teachings and values that you should hold dear

She taught you to value life and not just the life of your own

Making sure you control your emotions, so that mother’s child can safely return home

Instead of giving into anger and unforgiveness making that mother wonder why her child is gone

It’s about a privilege and getting the chance to call your mother just to say I Love You on the phone

Honor her words and her worth by living what she preached

Keeping her wisdom within arm’s reach

Deny her the feelings of hurt, pain and grief

Learning how to wisely settle your disagreements and beef

It’s not only her you should deny those feelings

But another mother shouldn’t feel the effects of your killings

Giving due honor to your mother shouldn’t be her going to see you in jail

Or having to put her house up for collateral just so you can make bail

Or coming to visit your grave and feeling like she failed

Missing you so much she becomes sickly and frail

Making her become one with sorrow and the fires of hell

Sitting in her quiet house late at night with only the comfort of loud cries as she wails

Again, tell me why should you celebrate?

After the other 364 days of bitter bread she ate

Are you kidding me? One day out the year?

Is the only time you decide to give her a listening ear?

Honor her all year through

So, when Mother’s Day actually come around the pureness of your love will actually reign true

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Copyright © 2018


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