Emotionally Led

Today, we live in a world that is emotionally ran by emotional people. I guess that would make some type of sense, since we are emotional beings BUT is that an excuse to be led by our emotions? Seriously?! Really?! I want to know! Dealing with people who are led by their emotions is mentally and physically draining. Constantly dealing with someone else’s outbursts of anger, jealousy, bitterness, unforgiveness, a “diva” personality, and whatever else they have going on is exhausting. Words are thrown around callously. All common sense is thrown to the wind. It makes me ask…where is the Holy Ghost that you say you have???? Where?

Emotions are a part of us. I get it! However, it should not run us! I, too, was an emotional person and have come to learn that “ain’t nobody got time for that!” I had to get myself in check. It’s easy to play the victim all the time when you’ve been victimized but when do you come to the realization that you too have become the assailant?

Those who have been victims in heinous ways, either verbally or physically, typically, become emotionally led human beings. It can’t be helped because we haven’t been healed from the assailant and the act(s) they committed. “Emotionally led human beings are victims who haven’t been healed from the attack(s).”  It’s evident all around us. Look at what’s happening in our nation right now. Our country is being emotionally ran from the White House on down to the ghetto. We have to get it together and get healed. Nothing we ever do is supposed to be ran by emotions. It’s supposed to be ran with wisdom, knowledge, kindness acts and with spiritual consciousness and conviction. None of that is evident in our country right now.

How do we get healed from being a victim? How do we move forward after the attack(s)? How do we get from victim to victor?

Get Help!

There is nothing wrong with going to talk to a therapist and if you need medication…take it! There is more than one way to be healed. God equipped people to understand how the mind and brain and our body works so they can help us to function properly.

Look Within

Take time to look within yourself to see if you’ve become an assailant, if you’ve ever hurt anyone in your life, if you’ve ever said or done anything to anyone else that inflicted pain. Usually, when you take the time to do this, there is less of a chance that you’ll “throw-up” on others. If you look within yourself and have concluded that you never hurt anyone…you have deceived yourself and rest assured everyone else knows that you ARE  the assailant. Be careful in this because you begin to burn bridges and it’s hard to mend a bridge that has been burned.

Let It Go!

Okay. It’s time to let it go. It’s time to let go of all the hurt that is bottled up inside you. Free yourself. There is a misconception about freeing others out of our lives when it’s really us, ourselves that need to be free. You’ve been hurt; got it! Acknowledge it and take steps to be healed from it. Let it go because it’s consuming you and eventually no one will want to be around you. If you find yourself in this position, then it’s time to look at the step above this one. It’s never too late the get it right or correct things.


My spiritual dad says, “Don’t leave out of prayer without a plan.”  What’s your plan to be healed? What’s your plan to stop playing the victim? What’s your plan to let it go? If you go into

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prayer, you will definitely hear a plan from the Father. He’s there to help but you have to allow Him to do so.

I hope this helped. We need to stop spewing and bleeding over everyone because we refuse to go to The Doctor to get help. Nobody wants to be covered in someone else’s blood unless it’s Jesus Christ. It’s not enough to put on a maxi pad to capture the bleeding; it’s about getting healed and removing whatever is causing the bleeding in order for the bleeding to stop. Don’t be emotionally ran. Stop playing the victim when you’ve become the assailant. Let it go and get healed; become the victor and release the victim.


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