God’s Love Is Evident

How many times have we walked through life and thought, “Where are you, God?” Although we know exactly where He is; it seems like He has disappeared. I have walked with the Lord for many, many years and even I have had these thoughts more than once. Even now…my thoughts lean towards the thought. It has not been an easy walk these past ten years, promises unfilled, heartache, heartbreak, anger and frustration. I smiled the whole way through. I faked strength I didn’t even have. Still till this day, I don’t know how I’ve done it (I know it’s my Father). People saw me “strong” so they didn’t care to ask, “How are you?” It’s assumed you’re alright when others see how strong you are. I almost feel like being strong is some sort of deception because it never shows a weakness and scared to show it. Have you felt this way?

“Don’t be so quick to judge someone because you never know what they are dealing with. They have some major shoes to walk in and they don’t need you to kick them while they are down with your self-righteous shoes.”  – Keisha Lapsley

I have quite a few battles I’m currently fighting, internally and externally. It has left me wondering about a lot of things. Now, I’m being attacked in my body. This isn’t just any attack, it’s a fiery dart that affects how I make my bread and butter, what I love to do. Even now, it hurts like I don’t know what to type and to hold my arm on the table but do you know why I continue to write? Because I REFUSE to allow the enemy take away my gift! He doesn’t get that right or benefit! He didn’t bless me with it, God did and it’s up to Him to protect me from all the fiery darts of the wicked! And I know He will. He’s done it before and He will do it again. My voice will NOT be stopped! My voice will be heard! My pen can’t be stopped!

Do you want to know why I know He has me covered? Yesterday, I prayed a prayer and I gave it all to Him…my whole heart and everything that was in it. Then one of my sisters texted me a scripture like an hour later. It was just what I needed to hear. God is EVIDENT. My husband encouraged my heart and made it so clear. I was like man, you need to put that as a FB status, lol. God is EVIDENT. I had a rough night. I couldn’t sleep, so much on my mind. Woke up with less than three hou0829161935ars of sleep to take on a full day. I went to my favorite café, Espresso Hill, in Richmond Hill and she said, “How are you doing today sunshine?” Then she gave me a hug. I just about broke down then, but I didn’t lol. This is why I love coming here because they are not just business owners but they are community servants. God is EVIDENT. After that, my other sister voice-texted me a song God laid on her heart. I just about melted in the parking lot. God is EVIDENT. Later, I read a text from another sister in the Lord and the scripture she sent along with an inspirational meme sent me to the restroom to let the tears flow. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. GOD – IS – EVIDENT! Is everything better? No, not in the physical but in my spirit I know that God is EVIDENT and that’s all I need to know is that He’s right here and has been here all along.

Let God be EVIDENT in your life. Don’t give up on Him. He surely hasn’t given up on you. Let Him love you through others He has placed here on earth. God is love and He shares His love through the love and kindness of others. Say this with me, “God, I will let You be EVIDENT in my life.” Welcome Him in and the Holy Spirit. They ALWAYS come through!

– Keisha, aware of His evidence, Lapsley




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