Which Door?

Be careful of the doors that you believe God is opening for you. You’re outwardly rejoicing to show others who didn’t believe in you that you are making it but inwardly you feel some type of way. Sometimes doors open because we have opened them ourselves due to hurt, anger,  unforgiveness, or disappointment. Those doors open from the flesh not from the Spirit. Therefore, that opened door was from you. If the door leads to fleshly things or fleshly decisions and or ideas, that opened door wasn’t from God. Now, some doors God does open and they are from His Spirit but we distort the open door through our fleshly desires. Just make sure that the open door is from God and that you’re not distorting that open door because of your flesh. Doors that open from the enemy can give an increase too but what is it an increase of, the Spirit or the flesh?


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