The Progress of Pain

As I listened to the word this morning and worship music, I was moving around and the pain in my arm told me where I am in the progress of my healing. Pain said, “Hold up. I’m still here. Slow your roll.” Pain speaks to let you know just where you’re at in your progress but we can’t allow it to dictate our progress.
There are stages in progress and the intensity of the pain lets us know what stage of the progress. A story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Our progress has the same curriculum. The beginning of a story sets the stage. It lets you know of all the players, characters, settings, places and the background. The middle of the story is the climax. It’s at the point when everything and the main characters find themselves at a crossroad. The climax dictates whether or not the character will make the right or wrong decision. The end of a story is the outcome of the decision of the main characters. Pain follows the same path.
Many times, we hear a word coming forth that it is our year, but find that it wasn’t. We were still going through the same thing and the pain had not subsided. If the pain has not subsided, then it is not your time. You’re still in the progress. You’re still in the fight. Even though we hear, “It’s your time”, we still have to go to God in prayer and ask Him if that word was for us. We must discern the time for our own lives.
My pastor, Kenneth K. Law, taught on prayer this past week and he said, “Don’t come out of prayer without a plan,” and that stuck with me. When we pray about our progress (whether spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically), we must ask God for a plan. Then we have to implement that plan to take us to the end of the progress. The intensity of the pain wilIMG_20170616_222829604 (2)l let us know just where we are in the progress. Is the pain in the beginning stage, or is it at the height or climax or is it subsiding towards the end? Only you know that. No one else can tell you. This will keep you from falling into the “It’s your time” trap. Falling for that can be very discouraging when things don’t turn out as you feel they should. You don’t even want to believe anymore. You don’t even want to hear those words. I was at that point in my life. For years, I heard, “It’s your time” only to find out it was anything but that. It came to a point over the last few years as I heard it, I would say in my heart, “I don’t believe it nor do I want to hear that anymore. God, I want to see it!” However, what I didn’t realize is that my time just wasn’t yet; didn’t mean it wasn’t coming.
Take heart! Understand the season you’re in and follow the plan God has given you. It is then you will be able to rightly measure where you are in the progress. Remember, pain will let you know where you are in the progress but we can’t allow it to dictate our progress.


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