Evolving Your Pen

Evolving my pen? What does that mean? What does that entail? Is it even important? Well, I guess it’s who you ask. Evolving your pen means taking you from pen to published to greater platforms. Do you believe your target audience only reads? Have you written countless blogs and books and know your message is geared for more people than has read your blogs and book? Exactly! We try to reach our target audience and without fail, we fail to reach them all. It’s because we are only using one platform when there are more platforms out there that we’ve failed to walk upon.

I’ve recently completed two books which are conducive to the play I’ve written and directing and producing. I will reach those who read and those who loves entertainment (theater) simultaneously. Usually, those who see a movie or play want to read the book and vice versa. I refuse to allow my books to sit upon a shelf and collect dust when there is a way to connect with my target audience on imagegreater levels. It’s our job to reach them by any means necessary.

“This Time Next Year” is the dinner theater I’m producing on December 2, 2017. It’s geared towards married couples. We are looking for sponsors to connect with us. Click the link and reserve your seat today or sponsor someone who can come.

Eventbrite - "This Time Next Year" Play 


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